If you read the books, especially the Hobbit, there are quite a few examples of talking animals, or animals which do things you wouldn't expect them to, and dwarves in particular, have a close association with ravens and thrushes. I created these to expand the character backgrounds and as something to write solos around in quiet moments. I sometimes even use them to add humour to posts. Of course, there is one rule I have with most of these animals - if it's not a canon (like Roac), the animals can ONLY speak with other animals, Beornings (their ability to shape-shift allows them to understand animals much easier than other people), Ents, or Ainur (that also includes the wizards like Gandalf and Radagast.)

Thrushes, like ravens, are friends to dwarves, even if their help is not as easy to come by, or as 'useful' as the ravens. They are useful as lookouts, scouts and messengers, but as they don't talk like ravens do, they are more difficult to understand. Eye-Bright is a thrush which Kili befriended when he needed to search for Lyndheid, and he persuaded the bird to search for her. He did this because at the time, Lyndheid did not want to be found and a raven would have made her suspicious. As thanks for the bird's help, Kili and Lyndheid made their garden very friendly for thrushes and Eye-Bright now lives there. Despite of this, Eye-Bright is still a wild bird and comes and goes as its suits.
Kari the raven was found by Kili during his first trip to Dale after coming out of the healing halls. He found the raven being kept in a cage, and the bird looked unhappy. As a dwarfling, Balin had told him many stories of the ravens of Ravenhill as they had always been friends to dwarves. He remembered the role that Roac had played in sending for aid when they were besieged by the elves of Mirkwood and the men of Laketown before the goblins and wargs attacked. The special friendship between dwarves, along with Kili's natural dislike of seeing cruelty inflicted upon an animal, caused him to persuade the man who kept him to part with him. It wasn't easy and Kili ended up having to pay the man in rare gems. Kari is loud, obnoxious and has a tendency to 'steal' things. When-ever something goes missing, Kili always finds the missing items (and more) in the raven's stash. He sometimes knocks things over, which Kili suspects he does on purpose. Ravens can speak, but Kari has never been heard to talk. Kili is uncertain if it is because he refuses to, or if he doesn't know how to, but it is clear that the intelligent bird understands almost everything Kili says. He is not a pet, however, more of a companion.
Heidi is another one of Kili's creatures. On the quest, he lost his pony in the Trollshaws, (along with the rest of the ponies brought along by the company) and he misses him. After the Battle of the Five Armies, Dain sends some of the riding stock (a mixture of battle-swine and goats) to Erebor to help them out. Among them is Heidi. Heidi is unmanageable by most handlers and was due to be disposed of. Kili was taking one of his walks and he decided that day to go by the swine pens, where he encounters her. He takes a liking to the sow, and persuades the swine-keepers to let him have her. She is ill tempered, greedy, destructive and prone to escaping her stall. Her ill temper is caused by a combination of the natural aggressiveness of swine, and the trauma of battle. Despite of this, Kili has been able to bond with the sow, and is one of the few people she responds well to.
Fundin is Kili's dog, which he got as a puppy from Lofnheid. The puppy had been hand-reared by the dwarrowdam, and there came a point when she needed to find a new home for him. Kili, recovering from his experiences on the quest to regain Erebor, and the injuries he sustained during the Battle of the Five Armies, decided to take him in for company and to fulfill his wish of having a dog from when he was a dwarfling. He named him Fundin after the father of Dwalin and Balin. Fundin is a mischievous dog who is full of energy and if Kili cannot find ways to keep him occupied, he finds his own ways of doing that - raiding the pantry/kitchen, chewing up the furniture, his mother's wardrobe, destroying Kili's fiddle are just some of things he's done. He is very friendly and like most sheepdogs/collies, he is very intelligent and it is boredom that causes him to be difficult to manage.
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