Welcome to Mean Streets, a fan site for Urban Fantasy, Supernatural and Paranormal Fiction. I enjoy reading fiction in this genre, particularly those which focus more on the supernatural and paranormal elements, rather then romance or sex (the latter which I find boring and predictable.) This site's goal is to showcase those books which I've found to be the best in the genre. It's not a complete list of everything that is out there because I've not read everything and some series, even though they are good, have too many elements which I personally find I don't like, but someone else may, and that's perfectly fine.


10th April, 20201

I am starting to get the books into a better order now. There are a lot of Secret Histories books which I don't have. I kind of lost track of them when I got to the 4th one - it wasn't a good time for me because I had an illness that gave me brain fog for ages afterwards and I stopped perchasing books directly from our local Waterstones - the shop doesn't have a good range and doesn't seem to stock the authors I like any more. There is a specailist bookshop in the city that is closet to us for Sci-Fi and Fantasy but getting there isn't easy because we don't have a car and TBH, I hate going the because the city has degraded a lot over the past 10 years. I also find paperback fiction books to be overpriced now at publisher's prices compared to what they used to be so I prefer getting them second-hand online. Heck, it's just easier to find what I'm looking for that way because second hand bookshops and chairty shops are very dependent on what people get rid of. As for Waterstones, they only seem to get books in now if they happen to be a TV or movie tie-in series, or there's a movie or film that's based on a book or series. On a side note, if you want non fiction books it's worse. I am slowly getting the Secret Histories books that I have missed as I don't like reading long series without having most of the books on hand as if there is too much of a gap between reading the early books to the later ones, I forget what's happened in the series and need to re-read for it to make sense.

18th January, 20201

Today, I found an online library where you can borrow digital books from. It is useful if you want to check out an author but you aren't sure about them, or if just can't afford to buy a copy of the book. Not every book is on there, of course, but there are quite a few popular ones, and given the current state of things it's great to get access to a library, even if it is online and not in hard copy format. The Open Library

15th January, 20201

Got through the first book of the new year, Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher, and I have started reading the next one, White Night. I had planned on reading all the way through the main novels, but I can't find my copies of Small Favour and Turncoat. (They are probably buried in one of the cupboards somewhere, so I'll probably start reading one of the other series if I can find them.

24th December, 2020

Well, it's Christmas Eve. I've been uploading and editing a few book covers for the site, which I hope to organize properly in the new year. A few days ago, while I was doing the links page, I came across this Dresden Files short story on Jim Butcher's website, called Christmas Eve. It does take place rather late in the series, so if you are new to the series and don't want to read any spoilers it's probably not a good idea to read it yet, but if you don't mind, or are looking for something festive to do because you can't go anywhere because of the pandemic, then it's a nice little story to entertain yourself with.

There is also an anthology called Wolfsbane and Mistletoe which was published some years ago which is full of werewolf-themed, urban fantasy and paranormal romance stories set at Christams. It's probably a bit too much on the romance side of things for me, but it's a nice bit of fluff if that is what you are looking for, and you might find a new author to enjoy. I chose the book because there were stories by a few authors that I read in it whereas I usually avoid multi-author anthologies.

It's probably a good idea to take the time to search for a reading challenge to join next year if you are inclined to do it. In the past, I have come across themed ones where you pick a genre or author of books to read, or ones where you try to read a specfic number of books in one year. I find with the latter you usually over reach yourself and get fed up of it come March - May and give up on it, so it's important to find one which will keep your interest.

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