2021 Reading Challenge

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In 2021, I hope to take part in the Beat the Backlist Challenge, hosted by Novel Knight. I hope to work my way through my favourite urban fantasy books as it has been a long while since I read them and there has been a gap between the publication of some of the series (The Dresden Files being a notable one) and I want to refresh my memory of them before I go on to reading the new book(s). I also don't buy books much any more because I hit a slump in finding ones which I liked - there was a time when it was rare that I found a book which I didn't like, but there was a time when almost every new book I picked up I didn't like because the writing was bad. I think it's safer to keep to reading books, or at least authors which I know that I enjoy. It's a shame, though, since before I encountered this problem, I enjoyed picking new authors to read. I am currently re-reading the Dresden Files and I am currently on Dead Beat. As the challenge officially starts in the new year, I am going to count the next book in the Dresden Files as part of it.

Books Read:


Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher
White Night by Jim Butcher
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong


The Reckening by Kelley Armstrong
The Complete Darkest Powers Tales by Kelley Armstrong


The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong


Small Favor by Jim Butcher
Turncoat by Jim Butcher
Changes by Jim Butcher


Once Upon a Winter's Night by Dennis L McKiernan Not an urban fantasy book. I wanted to take a break from the Dresden Files and read this. It's based on a Norse fairy tale. Now, I'm back to the Dresden Files.
Ghost Story by Jim Butcher


Cold Days by Jim Butcher
Skin Game by Jim Butcher

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