There was a time when I was really into reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. (I rather think that Buffy is to thank for that.) Werewolves were my main interest, rather than vampires, though at the time when I first started reading them, vampires were more popular and there were very few books with werewolves as the main characters around. There were a number of authors which I started to read, but I soon found that some were better than others at the kind of writing I was looking for and enjoyed. I found that there were a huge number of them that were more about the characters having sex with each other, rather than a proper story and this plot would make up a large amount of the book, sometimes at the expense of a proper story. Some authors were also very formulaic and you could predict what would be in the book. There were a few which stood out and which I continue reading and collecting today, (though most of the authors have since finished the series they were writing and have moved on to other projects.)

There was also a time when I was in the fanlisting community and wanted to create a fanlisting for my favourite authors in the genre. I no longer create or run fanlistings because I find that, other than visually, they aren't really very interesting fan sites to make and run, and even if you make them, there is a tendency to just go and create another fanlisting and 'forget' about adding content to the previous ones you've made, even though you intially intended to do that. (This is why I consider fanlistings to be 'boring' fansites because other than the list, there is usually very little content on them.) Another problem I found was fighting among the people running the fanlistings which is also a big put-off.

There was a time when I wanted to run a book blog but I found that I am not really good at 'reviewing' books, at least not when it comes to keeping up to a schedule. I am also not interested in reviewing books just because they are a recent release, and that seemed to be a big thing in the book blogging community when I took a dabble into it - so essentially, you had a community which were all reading and reveiwing the same books at the same time, and always in the same category.

I decided to create this site to share with others the books that I have enjoyed, in a genre which is really hard to find good books. There may be reviews - if I ever get around to writing them, information about the universe in which the books are set, best reading order, etc.

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