On this page, I'll be putting links to sites which I find useful, either because I can get crafting supplies from them, or because they have useful ideas, tutorials, etc. (The shop links will be mainly UK based, so I don't know how useful they will be to people from other countries, but I've found that it's sometimes useful to keep a list of them in case I want to order from them again, and to help other people find what they are looking for.)

Cross Stitch

Youtube Channels

Johanna Clough A channel dedicated to journaling and making journals.

The Cottage Fairy This isn't really a crafting channel per se, but I find the videos peaceful and calming. There is too much in the world that causes stress and a lot of the time people fail to get the peace, quiet and space they need, so these videos are a sanctuary against that.

Treasure Books A channel with a lot of tutorials showing you how to make handmade books for journals, storage for crafting materials, etc, using a mixture of craft items and recycled materials. I hope to try some of this myself, especially as a way to store artwork that I do. I find scrapbooks aren't always the right size for my work so maybe making my own will be more appropriate? If you have a lot of crafting materials around, they can take up quite a bit of space and it's easy to loose items so perhaps some of the ideas from this channel might help me organise things better.

HGTV Handmade This channel has a lot of ideas relating to crafts and DIY. I came across the channel last year when I was looking for ideas to improve my home, and make it brigther. What I like about it is that there are lots of styles represnted and if you don't have a lot of money to spend on getting new furniture (or just don't want to), it shows you how you can give them a new look. Be warned, though, some of the tips can be wasteful if you aren't careful, but it is still a good source of inspiration. It's refreshing because I joined a few facebook groups about decorating and upstyling furniture, etc, and although they started out interesting because people showed what they had made themselves, it soon became boring because people made mean comments if folks used colour, liked hippy decor, collected sci-fi and fantasy memorabilia, etc, so now all the things people share on them are the same and it's all white and grey.

Pixielocks I have been meaning to link to this channel for some time because I know that there are some people who might appreciate it. It is the channel of a fashion student who specializes in kawaii fashion. It's not my aesthetics since I don't follow anime, manga, etc, but I like some of the ideas she comes up with for decorating, crafting and watching her sewing videos. I enjoy watching them because they are uplifting.

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