Dead Winter's Night

Coursera Courses

I came across this site a while back when I wanted to do more univeristy courses after completeing my Zoology BSc at the University of Derby. I have studied with the Open Univeristy before, and would have liked to have gone back to them but have been unable to do so for financial reasons. It's not easy getting funding for courses that are at the same level that you've already got, and health would make going back to Derby to do a Masters difficult due to travel. I struggled with fatigue while doing my Zoology BSc, so an online course is better for me. Coursera is the closet I have got to what I want to study, even if it doesn't solve all the problems that I have. There are some science and history courses that interest me, and I thought it would be nice to share them with folks.


Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization This is a subject that has fascinated for a long time, and it is the course that I am currently doing.