Dead Winter's Night


Welcome to Dead Winter's Night, the personal domain and site collective of Icewolf. I am known elsewhere around the web as Emimar, Shistavanen Jedi and Space Wolf. I started making fan sites a long while back, with Star Wars Character Cafe, a site for Star Wars fan fiction that centered around original characters and minor characters that may as well have been ocs themselves. Now, it is an archive that I no longer maintain since it's a lot easier now for people to create live journals and tumblr sites to show case their fan fiction stories, make an Archive of Our Own account, or post on a forum like than it is to submit them to a website which needs to have the pages edited manually by the webmaster.

You will find some fan sites here, because I still like to create and code fan sites - as much as I like sites like Archive of Our Own for their simpliciaty and convience, I still like to have some control over how my stories are displayed and look. These days, I am not as big into Star Wars as I once was, and tend to be adventuring in Middle-Earth but it still has a place in my heart. There was a time when I created and ran fanlistings, but as neocities doesn't allow php based sites, I have decided not to run them anymore. (They may end up making a come back if I can turn them into internet shrines, which is basically a mini fan site with information and fan created stories, etc, if I have the time, but other projects come first.)

This little site has two purposes - first of all, it's a gate-way site to my various fan sites that I have created over the years and a small personal site for my interests and hobbies. I used to blog on live journal and dreamwidth, but lost interest in it and moved to wordpress for a time. The blog was quite eclectic in nature covers quite a lot of things, but I found running the back end of it time consuming and hardly got around to making any posts. My crafty blog posts might make it on to my craft site that is also hosted on neocities.

I do have a twitter account because I find it convient to post short messages on what I am doing on a particular day, post updates on the progess I've been making on the site and other things, but I am not a huge fan of social media sites and in general tend to avoid using them, with facebook being one I dislike the most. If used incorrectly, they can be quite intrusive to your privacy and this is even more true now that smart phones and tablet computers are common. The worst problem with social media is I find it increases the oppertunities for trolls to cause problems and sadly, the internet has changed a hell of a lot since the early days of forums which is my favoured way of interacting with people online.