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Bright Eyes

A Fansite for Watership Down and the Animals of Farthing Wood


King of the Vagabonds

King of the Vagabonds 'Don't stray into the Quartermile Field. Any animal with sense avoids the spot,' warns Sammy's mother. But Sammy is curious - about the Field, and about his father, the fierce, wild father he's never met. Then one day Sammy discovers that his father has returned. And determined to track him down, Sammy sets off towards the strange, wild land of Quatermile Field - and into a very different and dangerous world.

The City Cats

The City Cats From the creator of the award-winning THE ANIMALS OF FARTHING WOOD books, comes the CITY CATS series: incredible animal adventures starring furry felines, Sammy and Pinkie. Big city cats Sammy and Pinkie are living in the fast lane. Pinkie's expecting kittens and proud Sammy is top cat of the neighbourhood - but how long will their good life last?

Copy Cat

Copy Cat The final part of a trilogy that began with "King of Vagabonds" and "City Cats". Life in the London park has been easy and peaceful for Sammy, Pinkie and their three kittens, but all that is about to change. There's a purge on stray cats and dogs, and Sammy and Pinkie face the question of survival.

Journey to Freedom

Journey to Freedom Lingmere Zoo is about to close and its twin lionesses, Lorna and Ellen, will be put down unless a new home can be found for them. So when a sanctuary in Africa offers to take the animals, Lorna and Ellen begin the long journey together. But Lorna wants her freedom and dramatically escapes ot the English countryside leaving Ellen to face an unknown fate, alone. Can the lionesses survive without each other in their frightening and confusing new worlds? And will they ever meet again?

Lion Country

Lion Country Ellen and Lorna, the twin lionesses transported from Lingmere Zoo in England to an African sanctuary, have been renamed. They are African lions now. Ellen has become Kimya, which means quiet and Lorna is now Huru, meaning free. Released into the wild, they are forced to fend for themselves as they face hunger, unbearable heat and, worst of all, the deadly wrath of the other animals. Will the sisters survive to create a new pride?

Pride of the Plains

Pride of the Plains Huru and Kimya have formed a small pride with their friends, Battlescars and Blackmane and six cubs have been added to the pride's number. Attacked by an elephant, Moja, the eldest, is seperated from his family and must now learn to survive on his own. Meanwhile as leaders of the pride, Battlescars and Blackmane - face new challenges to their authority, and the Game Park itself is in peril, when a tremendous fire sweeps across it, killing many of the animals.

The Beach Dogs

The Beach Dogs 'Now!' he snapped urgently. 'Down to the boat. As soon as you hear the engine start, jump in and get out of sight!' Zoe and Bertram have embarked on the most amazing adventure of their lives. Egged on by the lively young mongrel Jack, they are escaping heir dull, shorebound lives and are on course for the remote island of Clany. But what sort of life can the stowaways expect? Winter is coming, and food and drink will be hard to find on the island.

A Great Escape

A Great Escape Eric made up his mind. He would go to the pet shop, open the cages and let the little troupe of animals free, to make their own way in the world. And so began A Great Escape.

The Ram of Sweetriver

The Ram of Sweetriver The Sweetriver flock has survived the terrible storm which destroyed their valley. But can they survive the long, hungry journey to find new pastures? Jacob, the ram of Sweetriver, must use every ounce of his courage to fend off danger and keep the flock together. But his enemies are not only from outside the flock.

Nobody's Dog

Nobody Digby, the hero of the piece, is a beautiful border collie who began his life in a loving home with his brother. But Digby was "jangly": a nervous puppy who was sometimes difficult to cope with. After spending time in a dogs home, he finds a new master in Frank, a young homeless man, but it is not long before Digby is forced to struggle for survival alone, and embarks on a journey to find the person who loves him the most.

Just Nuffin

Just Nuffin Written by the author of The Animals of Farthing Wood, this is the story of a boy who adopts a stray dog and his desperate efforts to keep him. It is also a study of family relationships.