I have unfollowed quite a number of sites recently. I did this because I wanted to cut back on interaction and just work on my website - I found the homepage feed to be a distraction from doing this. It's nothing against the folks running those sites I've unfollowed - I just wanted a less busy timeline.

Choose your path.....

Dead Winter's Night

My personal website, which is just about things I like, and some links to stories and other interesting things I've found on the web. I'm not really sure what it is now.

Bright Eyes

A fansite for the wonderful books, Watership Down by Richard Adams and The Animals of Farthing Wood series by Colin Dann.

Legends of Arda

I am quite a big fan of Tolkien and started writing fan fiction for it in 2014. For a while, I also rped in the fandom on twitter (mainly because I couldn't find a site where I could play the canon characters that I wanted to because they were already taken.) I don't roleplay anymore, or at least hardly do so because it's not an easy medium to tell stories as people go inactive, etc... So I am now back to writing fan fiction again. I also play LOTRO, which is an MMORPG based on Lord of the Rings, so some parts of the site is dedicated to that.

Mean Streets

A fan site for Urban Fantasy, Supernatural and Paranormal Fiction, and a place where I can keep track of books I read. (I don't do book review requests.)

The Crafty Hobbit

I used to run a craft blog, but I didn't like using the software for it - I find that I usually get more done on static websites than ones which need the software updating all of the time. I like to do various arts and crafts and display them around my home as I dislike a lot of the mass produced rubbish that you get in shops like B and M, The Range, etc and they rarely, if ever, reflect your interests. I mainly do cross stitch but I have gone into other crafts just to try it and see if I like it, and this site is the result of that.