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RACE: Dwarf
RELATIVES: Unknown dwarves of the East, Ori (Son), Skafid (Lover)
AGE: Unknown


At heart, he is a wanderer with an adventurous spirit, who likes creating poetry, art and music. Had he had the drive and ambition, he would have been an expert artisan and craftsman, but he is given over to laziness and gambling, an habit that is no doubt reinforced by his friendship with Athiof. He is friendly and outgoing, a trait that is needed for a traveler because he cannot afford shyness around strangers. He is also a gambler and risk-taker, and adventure, rather than curiosity and a love of knowledge is what motivates him on his travels. He is possessed of what is known in the West as 'the Wandering Madness.' He does have a stronger sense of loyalty and honour than Athiof but it is not enough to overcome his wandering nature and commit to a settled, family life.


Moidvithir is a dwarf from the East, though it is unknown which clan he is from - he is either a Blacklock, a Stonefoot or an Ironfist. His wanderings brought him to the Iron Hills sometime after the Sack of Erebor, but before the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. On his arrival in the Iron Hills, he was impressed by the mix of exoticness and familiarity of the dwarves who lived there. He quickly became friends with Hlevang and after winning the trust of the dwarves, he joined the guard in the hope that he would have further 'adventures' in his new home. Perhaps his wanderlust could be contained if he put himself into military service, and 'adventure' is something that he certainly got when the war with the Orcs broke out.

It was Moidvithir who convinced Athiof that they should look after Skafid and Dori after Hlevang's death though settling down wasn't quite in his nature - he decided to try and make it work for Skafid's sake, and that of the tiny dwarfling. When Athiof disappeared sometime later, he did stay with Skafid and the children for a while, even fathering Ori, but his old wanderlust began to resurface and he had the notion that if he found Athiof and get him to come back that he would be free to do so. By this time, Dori was maturing and he felt that the young dwarf and his mother could cope with Nori and Ori in his absence and he set out to find the missing dwarrow. It is unclear to others if his motivation for doing so was that he was restless at being tied down, or if it was a genuine effort to bring Athiof home. Either way, as time passed, Moidvithir failed to return and the question is, what became of him? Did he fail to find Athiof? Did some unspeakable fate befall him? Did he go home to his people in the East, or did his wanderlust win out and he simply set off on another adventure?

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