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RACE: Dwarf
RELATIVES: Dori - son, lover - Skafid, unnamed father.
AGE: He is very young at the time of the Sack of Erebor in T.A. 2770, but old enough to partake in the War with the Orcs beginning in T.A. 2793.


Honourable and wants to rebuild what they lost in Erebor. He seeks to prove that he is worthy to become a part of Skafid's family. Being young, however, he is also impatient and doesn't always agree with his elders and thinks he knows better than they. He is a stabilizing influence on his friends, who would in his absence, give into their bad habits. Proud, industrious, brave, hard-working, loyal, somewhat head strong and rebellious.


A dwarf of Durin's line, but of a very minor branch - the king of Durin's line who his is direct ancestor is such an early one that his family line has no claim at all on the throne, but his family line is an ancient one, and one with a proud heritage. He is a refugee from Erebor when he and his father, his only close surviving relative escaped the dragon's flames. Being ignorant of the fate the of the king, they headed for the Iron Hills with a small group of refugees and once there are taken in by Skafid's family. He becomes quite attached to Skafid as they grow up together. He works hard to gain his standing in the Iron Hills as a consequence of his status as a refugee - he feels that he must pull his weight, and show that he has value, even though he lost his home. He also hopes to impress Skafid's family so much that when he seeks to court her that they will allow him to. This is not an easy task, for Skafid's family are very strict regarding the traditions of the dwarves and everything must be done right, or they take offense.

When he is old enough, he joins the guard because he considers it an honourable occupation to serve Lord Gror and defend his halls. In his time in the Iron Hills, Hlevang befriended a dwarven traveler from the far east of the continent called Moidvithir. During a hunting expedition, he and Moidvithir encountered a dwarf who was having trouble with a group of Easterlings who'd strayed northwards from the south - he turned out to be a mysterious Firebeard from Ered Luin seeking a new start, and the three become inseparable companions. When the call came to go to war after King Thror's death at the hands of orcs at Moria, Hlevang accompanied Nain and Dain I to fight in the war. Once there, they meet the shield maiden Bild and her brother, Hredimar. Dori is born to Skafid and Hlevang during those years. Tragically, Hlevang meets his death during the war.

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