Basic Information

RACE: Dwarf
RELATIVES: Bivor (brother), Beyla (mother), Lit (father)
AGE: 40


As a young dwarrow, Dreng is still growing and has not reached his full height and strength, but his love of sports mean that he is a strong boy. He has the blond hair of his mother, which reaches his shoulders and because he is a child, there is only a shadow of the beard that will come with age on his chin. He usually wears woolen trousers and jumpers made from the wool of a wool-bearing breed of goat that dwarves keep, with a fur cloak in cold weather and leather boots.


The death of his father has given him a sad outlook on life that a child of his age otherwise wouldn't have unless they'd experienced some great trauma. In addition, the Battle of the Five Armies has left him sullen. It will take him some time to recover from those experiences, if he ever does, even if he only witnessed the aftermath of the battle. Before the events that changed his life forever, he was happy like any other child with a good family, and was quite gregarious in nature, enjoying the company of others his own age. He was quite competitive with other boys his age, enjoying sporting activities like swimming, running and wrestling, as well as games like cards, (something his mother and grandfather didn't fully approve of because it can lead to gambling in taverns and cause a young dwarrow to abandon honest hard labour), and strategic board games like hnefatafl (something his father encouraged because it helped sharpen his mind.)


Dreng was born in 2901 of the Third Age in the Iron Hills. The typical life of a young dwarrow in the Iron Hills consisted of learning a craft, attending feasts and taking part in sports and games. Young Dreng's life in the Iron Hills was no different once he was old enough to be more independent of his mother. As well as partaking in sports and games, he also hunted with his father when he had time away from the guard. For this purpose, they kept ferrets (for flushing out rabbits), and a merlin for hunting small game on the wing. This was not a sport, but Dreng enjoyed it in the same way he loved his competitive sports. Some dwarrows also trained dogs to assist them with hunting, but Dreng's family didn't keep them because the training of dogs was too time consuming for them. Dreng had dreams of joining the guard when he was old enough to do so, which is why he took sports so seriously as they built up his strength. Shortly before the Battle of the Five Armies, his father had begun teaching him the basics of melee fighting.

Dreng also assisted his grandfather with his shop and bakery, a task he disliked immensely because he was more interested in physical activity than spending his days working in a shop and baking goods. To begin with, he'd show his resentment of it by not doing his work well, and in the case of baking, deliberately leaving loaves and cakes to burn. He soon stopped this behaviour when his grandfather made it clear to him that he would not tolerate deliberate mistakes, and his father told him that he would never make a good guard if he had no discipline to do tasks he disliked well.

The most exciting time in his young life was when the call for help from Erebor came to the Iron Hills to repel the Mirkwood and Lake-Town armies and he gladly went along with his mother, even if he would never be allowed to do any actual fighting. He did not really understand the horrors of a battle, and like many youngsters looked on it as an adventure. In the aftermath of the Battle of the Five Armies, he helped his mother tend to the injured survivors and he discovered how naive his excitement and longing for adventure had been when he saw the ugly consequences of it. He and Bivor struck up a friendship with Prince Kili as he recovered from his injuries by entertaining the Prince with card games and hnefatafl.

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