Kili's Journal, 5th Entry (Translated from Dwarven Runes)

Continued from last entry.

Two weeks had passed since the orcs attacked Hilda's farm and Uncle Thorin had still not returned. The year turns ever closer to Yuletide and the winter solstice was only a week away. Preparations for the festival had begun by that time, but until Uncle Thorin's return, I could not bring myself to look forward to it. In the meantime, Fili has taken Uncle Thorin's seat in the mead hall. He did the best he could, but lack of experience at governing meant that he needed the sage advice of Balin and our mother. The fact that he has yet to take part in a real battle meant that there was some objections to him taking the seat. Some dwarves wanted Dwalin to act as steward in my uncle's absence, others wanted Balin. Dwalin refused the role, saying that he was a solider, not a ruler and Balin did not want division among our people, especially with the threat of the orcs looming over us and put his support behind Fili.

It is understandable that some objected - Uncle Thorin was only taken seriously as a leader of our people after the battle at Moria where he earned his name of Oakenshield, at least, that is what my mother tells me. Balin's reasoning behind supporting Fili was that Uncle Thorin would want Fili to take over from him if anything were to happen to him.

Hilda has recovered physically from her ordeal, but recovering from the loss of her family will take longer. I just wish that there was something I could do to help her. I know that there are times when she has trouble sleeping and she has told me about the dreams she has. I long to see her smile again, but I fear that it will be a long time in coming.


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