Old Dolls

On these pages you'll find those dolls which should have been consigned to a dusty cyberspace archive that is never visited by anyone but you're here now, so I guess the dusty archive isn't as unvisited at I thought...Ah well... So I'm not repeating myself dozens of times, I'll explain the way I've organised them.

The male Shistavanen dolls in the Shistavanen section were created by me using Dark Natasha's art as a base (a link to her website is in the links section) and the females were created using artwork by Scott Ruggels as a base.

All the dolls on these pages are old and unshaded. I like the concept of them because as far as I know, I'm the only person who has ever done Shistavanen dolls so that is the reason why I still keep them around.

There is one wolf in there who isn't a Shistavanen. Being a fan of metal, and with European metal being heavily based on European pagan mythology, I thought it would be fun to do a werewolf!

The based section (page 3) is pretty more of the same thing, apart from the fact I've used bases from doll sites. I've also introduced a couple of the human characters in it. If I put all these dolls on to one page, it would be quite long, so I have split them up.

None of the dolls on these pages are adoptable.

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