Norse Mythology

I find Norse Mythology to be inspiring when making pixel dolls. On this page you'll find ones I have made so far, with a bit of information about them. No links indicate that the site is down.

Frigg is the wife of Odin, the leader of the gods, and mother of Balder. I've pictured her here with Odin's ravens, Huginn (meaning thought), and Muninn (meaning memory), and Odin's wolves, Freki and Geri

I had difficulty deciding which of Norns should be which Norn, so I've just numbered them - there are three main Norns in Norse Mythology and they are called Urd (Fate), Skuld (Being) and Verdandi, (Nessessity) and they are the goddesses of destiny, or fate. I sometimes wonder if the Celtic Triple Goddess is related to these.

Name: Frigg
Base: Doll on the Hill Factory
Chair: Salon Sephora
Animals: Cathy's Crazy Creations

Name: Sif
Base: Doll on the Hill Factory
Chair: Doll on the Hill Factory
Sif is the wife of Thor.

Name: Nanna
Base: DHF
The wife of Balder.

Name: Norn 1
Base: DHF
Name: Norn 2
Base: DHF
Name: Norn 3
Base: DHF