Welcome to Howling Pixels, the pixel art site of Emimar.

I used to have a live journal for my dolls, but as I completed more of them, I decided that it was time to create a proper website for them. I did have them on my personal site for some time, but for some reason, people then thought that my personal site is an adoption site when it isn't. I just had them on there because at the time I didn't want to code a separate site for them and because I wasn't able to have a sub-domain for them in the hosting package I had. Now I can, so I decided to make a pixel site as I have always wanted.


13th May, 2020

I have not seriously worked on pixel art for a long time. (It was probably in 2013 when I made my last pieces.) It is unlikely that I will ever make more because I just don't have the time for it so this site will be more of an archive.

I started doing pixel dolls because I wanted fan art for my Star Wars fan fiction and it just seemed the easiest way to do it. Of course, I did other subjects too when I was inspired by it, but it was wanting art of my original characters that was the main driver, but I just don't seem to have that 'bug' anymore. It was a good way to relax at uni when I wanted a break from studying and writing assignments.

In addition, I found that many of the pixel art sites that I used to visit and use as resources has closed down. Some of it has been moved to DeviantArt, but finding bases is not as easy as it once was. Like personal websites, pixel art seemed to drop off once social media like facebook and twitter dominated the internet. The drop off also seemed to co-incide with the closing of free providers like geocities and bravenet's free services.

Maybe this will change with neocities as more people discover it?