I am not very much into the 'diary' concept of a blog that most folks on neocities seem to have. Instead, the blog will be mainly about nerdy/geeky topics which I want to share, but which I don't have a specfic fan site for. I will try to make regular content, but I am not very good at keeping up with a blog, which is why I am giving up the wordpress one which I have on my paid hosting.

I also don't like my access interputed to it which happens too often on my paid hosting as spare money for it isn't always avilable to so I always seem to end up spending large chunks of time away from it when I would like to working on it. I also find maintaining software packages like wordpress and mybb forums take too much of my time and as a result, I hardly ever make any content for my sites because I am always distracted with that - I am happier not having to worry if things work, hackers, etc.

For forums, I now use proboards but even though that means there is less work for me to do behind the scenes, it isn't easy getting people to join them, etc... and in the end, that can be disheartening so it's better to work on a site that isn't dependant on attracting users or interacting with them. I found that I could spend a long time working on layouts, coming up with things to do on the forum and then getting low moods because I was the only one there. This avoids the problems which make me unhappy running a site and I can finally concentrate on creating stuff again.