Isavarg's Book of Shadows

Asatru Dates, Holidays, Months, etc...


Jan - Snowmoon, Feb - Horning, March - Lenting, April - Ostara, May - Merrymoon, June - Midyear, July - Haymoon, August - Harvest, September - Shedding, October - Hunting, November, Fogmoon, December - Yule.

Rememberance Days (I don't like these rememberance days because they seem designed to perpetuate hatred and negativity, but I don't know what to do with the information, so I've preserved it anyway. I suspect that this info was gathered from one of those Folkish groups given how the memebers seem to hold chips on their shoulders about a lot of things. I need to find proper scholarly information on the history behind these.)

Jan 9th Raud the Strong - Norwegian Cheiftain killed by Olaf Tryggvason for refusing to convert to Christianity. Feb 9th Eyvind Kinnrifi Tortured to death oy Olaf Tryggvason for refusing to convert to Christianity. March 9th - Oliver the Martyr - Remained loyal to the gods after sacrifices to them was banned by Olaf (Tryggvason?) He along with others were killed by Olaf's men while preparing for the spring sacrifices after being betreyed by an informer. March 28th - Ragnor Lodbrok - Raided Paris on Easter Sunday. April 9th - Jarl Haakon Sigurdsson of Norway - Restored the worship of the Old Gods. Common folk regained political liberties taken away from them by Christian rule. It is possible that Haakon's defense of the religion helped encourage its preservation in Iceland, which is what modern Asatru is based upon. May 9th - Gudrod of Gudbrandsdal - Tongue was cut out by the Norweigian King, 'St Olaf.' June 9th - Sigurd the Volsung. July 9th - Unn the Deep Minded. August 9th Radbod, September 9th - Herman of Cherusci, October 8th - Erik the Red, October 9th, Leif Erikson, November 9th Queen Sigrith of Sweeden, December 9th - Egil Skallagrimsson.

Feast Days

Frigga Blot - 20th May Jan Fullmoon - Thorrablot Feb 14th - Feast of Vali April Full Moon - Sigrblot June 8th - Lindisfarne Day - Viking Era April 25th Yggdrasil Day April 30th Walpurgisnacht July 29th Stikklestad Day - Death of Olaf the Law-breaker October 12th Winternights November 11th - Einherjar's Feast November 23rd - Feast of Ullr November 27th - Ancestor Blot (Celebrate this on Samhain, instead.) December 31st - End of Yuletide

Wheel of the Year

Feburary New Moon - Charming of the Plough March 21 - 23rd - Ostara Spring Equinox May 1st - May Day June 20th - Midsummer August 1st - Loaf Feast (Freyfaxi) September 21st - Winter Finding October 31st - Ancestor Blot December 20th - Beginning of Yule